Freedom , Credos From The Road , Hells Angel Sonny Barger und die Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club book


Credos From The Road ,

Sonny Barger, Hells Angels

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There are few men who are as quintessentially American as Sonny Barger. He is patriotic—a veteran who loves his country. He is independent—choosing his own path on his motorcycle, living life on his own terms. He is outspoken—he has boldly criticized injustices in American law and society despite the backlash this has evoked from the establishment. Yet the element that he finds most important, most sacred, most American, is freedom.

In Freedom, Sonny articulates many of the principles he employs in his own life. Whether he is regarded as a leader, a rebel, a revolutionary, a criminal, or a soldier, Sonny's outlook has been influenced not just by school but by the military, prison, and his experiences riding with the world's most notorious motorcycle club. It was on these various journeys that he learned the lessons that are most important in his life and the qualities he respects when he sees them in others:

Customize Yourself; Originals Don't Come Off an Assembly Line

Temper the Steel to Forge a Strong Blade

Treat Me Good, I'll Treat You Better; Treat Me Bad, I'll Treat You Worse

Presented in the form of fifty credos, this book gives Sonny Barger's perspective on how to live a life that embodies the most fundamental of American virtues: freedom.

sonny barber hells angels

Good eye opener

This was a great read as I try to find myself once more. I really grasped the view as it helps me to look inside myself and how I wish to proceed and learn.
Jan 25, 2008Chris rated it really liked it
An interesting view of life through the eyes of notorious Hell's Angel, Sonny Barger. It takes a hard look at the unwritten rules of the street.
Rich Dammkoehler
May 04, 2013Rich Dammkoehler rated it really liked it
Shelves: philosophical
You need to read this book. Its full of wonderful insights about life and freedom.
Eric Plume
Sep 02, 2016Eric Plume rated it liked it
Shelves: r-and-d
Really 3.5 stars.

I enjoyed this, a lot. Barger has a great deal of wisdom and experience to speak from, due to his life as a founding member of the Hells Angels and all the places that's taken him. He's also survived cancer, and done so longer than modern medical science can explain. The man is tough, and Freedom is among other things an attempt by him to explain how he got where he is to people who haven't lived his life. 

It succeeds, more or less. Much of what he says resonates with me...but t
Joyce Vandermark
Sep 21, 2017Joyce Vandermark rated it it was amazing
I ordered sonny's book Ridin' High and he sent me this book as well, no cost to me. I found that incredibly kind and the book is a good fast read that really gives you an idea of what kind of man he is, how he got to be that way, and how he views life. Terrific book.
Ted Zayka
Feb 13, 2013Ted Zayka rated it really liked it
Shelves: philosophy
Sonny Barger may be one of the founders of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, and as such, may be discounted by many folks who prefer the credentials of a Rhodes scholar or country club member. When you start reading the book however, you are drawn into this man's philosophy, and his simple, honest, and mammalian approach to life, people and relationships. 

There is something to be said for a man who has challenged life, made mistakes, and still comes out living to tell about it. It gives his stor
Mar 01, 2009Christina rated it it was amazing
This tiny hard cover book caught my eye during my walks through the stacks of the New York Public Library. Freedom in bold grey letters reached out and grabbed my attention. I picked up this little black book, I thumbed through it, and was pleasantly surprised with it content. Freedom means a lot of things to different people. Freedom according to Sonny Barger peaked my interest. 

The first thing you will like about this book is that it is straight to the point. Each chapter is less than three pa
Gina M Jordan
Jul 10, 2014Gina M Jordan rated it it was amazing
I truly loved this little book & the values Barger details are familiar from growing up in that type of world. I have to admit though it made me think of your daily bread kind of meditation or a weekly lesson or value to practice through the year.

Whatever your reason for reading it, each bite sized chunk of Barger wisdom is easy to digest & written in a very straight forward & blunt manner as has been Barger ' s style. I highly recommend this for all bikers of any ride or level as we
Jerica Guidry
May 26, 2014Jerica Guidry rated it really liked it
The book is all about life. basically an in your face way to tell you about life in a deal with it or dont kind if way. I think its something we all are aware of, but its told to you in a way that at most people would think is rude. The author did a great job in putting out there and way not so "beat around the bush". I personally like the in your face type of reading. All and all I found it to be a good read and I am glad I picked it up.
Bill Wyler
Jan 26, 2014Bill Wyler rated it really liked it
Shelves: books-read
Sonny has an "earthy" way of explaining life observations and experiences. I enjoyed the way he said some of the things throughout his book. You are encouraged to read it for yourself and enjoy the ride.
Jon(athan) Nakapalau
Great advice from someone who has traveled a long and hard road.
Bozhidara Krumova
Jan 08, 2016Bozhidara Krumova rated it really liked it
Just a little bit of wisdom from the man who lived and continues living and riding free.
May 05, 2009Ann rated it it was amazing
I really enjoyed the stories here. I loved Sonny's point of view in many areas.


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Freedom , Credos From The Road , Hells Angel Sonny Barger und die Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club book

Freedom , Credos From The Road , Hells Angel Sonny Barger und die Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club book

Credos From The Road ,

Sonny Barger, Hells Angels

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