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Privacy Policy

Support81 Spain enforces a privacy policy concerning that any and all information collected through www.support81.es will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, disclosed to third parties, or reused without permission from the consumer at any point in time. Any information obtained by Support81 Spain will not be used in any manner that has not been consented to by the consumer. Any personal and/or identifiable information provided to us at www.support81.es will be protected from unauthorized access. Personal and/or identifiable information includes but is not limited to data, such as a name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. Only for specific purposes, such as an instance that we would receive a request for information, would we need to collect such data from the consumer.


Within Support81 Spain  and subsidiary websites found therein, the consumer may be permitted to register for the purpose of purchasing products or services, and personal and/or identifiable information will be collected for that purpose; however, subsidiary websites may have their own privacy policy statement, in which case any additional terms in such policy will apply to your accessing of the subsidiary website. Support81 Spain will release such information if directed to do so by the consumer, if required by law to do so, or under other limited circumstances as permitted by law. Support81 Spain will notify consumers using or visiting this website of any amendments to the website privacy policy by posting such changes in the Privacy Policy section of Support81.es